The Society for the Preservation and Presentation of Krio History (SPPKH) is an organization established by Akindele Decker and Nigel D.D. Davies to increase awareness to well-known and neglected aspects of Krio history, heritage, and culture.

This unique culture of the Western Area of Freetown, Sierra Leone that developed during the 18th century to-date has been examined through narrow perspectives and pertinent documents and oral testimony relating to Krio history has been neglected.

The knowledge and awareness of this unique community has remained somewhat limited within particular regions and academic disciplines. The Society for the Preservation and Presentation of Krio History endeavors to change this outlook on Krio history and to present the culture to the wider population.

Why Krio History?

Krio History is representative of the African diaspora.  It highlight West African educational achievements as well as the contributions of Sierra Leone to Black history on the continent as well as the Americas and Europe.

In most recent years, various entities outside of Sierra Leone, such as the British Library and British Museum, have begun to facilitate research and preservation initiatives that explore specific aspects of Krio history. It is essential that dialogue is established with other organizations with aims that encompass the Krio experience, in order to enrich the historical narrative of the Krio community.

There is need to preserve the historical architecture of the Krio community and to renew cultural bonds that previously existed, which exhibits the transatlantic roots of the community, from the shores of the “Guinea Coast” to the Caribbean, Canada, England, and the United States.

The present endeavor will enable the Krio community to retain a stake in the preservation of its history and to have a greater say on the historical narrative that defines the community and its origins.


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